‘Travel Leave’ as a key of Domestic Tourism Promotion:

29 May, 2020

Government of Nepal has announced new budget for next fiscal year where it
introduce new program ‘travel leave for civil servants’ targeting to support
domestic tourism in the country which is devastatingly affected by Coronavirus
pandemic. For its recovery, the government is promoting domestic tourism.

While announcing the federal budget for next fiscal year Yubaraj Khatiwada, the
Finance Minister announced that civil servants will be granted travel leave and
private sectors will be encouraged. To promote tourism, government has allocated
Rs 1.26 billion. Special arrangement has been made on taxes, charges and loan
interests targeting the impact on airlines, hotels, travel and trekking industry,
restaurants and mountaineering sector of the country. Similarly, the budget has
addressed the current situation as well as allocated budget for tourism
infrastructure development as government is planning to lunch tourism decade.

Government is trying to enhance tourism industry by the concept of ‘One province,
one tourist destination’ for that the government has allocated budget for the
development of tourism infrastructure in all seven provinces, Khatiwada added
while announcing the budget yesterday. Similarly, the government has also
announced to build hill stations at mountainous and hilly regions of the country in
collaboration with the private sector so that it will be sustainable. While detailing
the concept he further added, new tourist services related with mountaineering,
agriculture, culture, entertainment, sports and ecotourism will be introduced just
after the control of pandemic. Furthermore he said, “A new tourist information system will be implemented to ensure security for tourists during arrival, trekking
and mountaineering.”

Meanwhile, the government has allocated Rs 19.42 billion to enhance the country’s
aviation sector. This budget will be giving important to bring the Gautam Buddha
International Airport into operation, to upgrade Tribhuvan International Airport as
well as to complete the construction of Pokhara International Airport. In budget
Nijgadh International Airport, Surkhet and Bharatpur domestic airports have also
been addressed. There will be construction at Chuhandada of Terhathum and
Narayanpur of Dang district. According to new budget and policy new Aviation
Act will be implemented and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal will be divided
into separate regulatory and operational entities.

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