Travel Safely, Use Face-Mask: 64 People are Already Arrested:

July 08, 2020:

The government of Nepal through Home Ministry had circulated a facemask mandatory for each person who comes out of their home. In this regards, police were given authority to arrest cunning people who can be responsible for spreading Coronavirus infection. Today till this time, 64 people are already been arrested in Lahan, Siraha district for not wearing a face mask and doing negligence of government order.

According to Binod Ghimire, the spokesperson at District Police Office, Siraha, 64 people were arrested for violating the rule. They were not wearing a face mask while walking in a public place and riding vehicle. Now, they have been initiated action as per the Infectious Disease Control Act, 2020. For the action, the arrested ones were sent to the District Administration Office.

Furthermore, the lockdown was relaxed with conditions like a face mask, physical distance, sanitization and other. But risks have been increased by not using even simple masks. Thus, the government has taken the decision to arrest those careless people. Due to the high risk of infection and over the accidental case, the government is planning to allow vehicles to run only after getting a pass as earlier to lockdown period.

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