UK is getting impact in Economy due to Slow Recovery of Tourism Industry:

November 22, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic is badly affecting the whole world and every sector. The developed country, UK also couldn’t escape from this impact. Since the Covid-19 is going to celebrate an anniversary soon, none of the countries could stand strongly in from of this virus. A recent report says the pace of the economic recovery in the UK is very slow due to coronavirus pandemic that slowed tourism industry in the country.

The UK said that the economy of the nation is slowdown across Europe due to Covid-19.  During this time, the Tracker provides unique insight into the shape and pace of the recovery following the disruption caused by Covid-19. In October, six of the fourteen UK sectors monitored by the tracker saw output rise faster than the global index. The report says that the trend has been developed as consumer-facing industries and their suppliers grappled with new restrictions that compelled to slowing demand.

Tourism and recreation fell particularly sharply behind the global benchmark.  It is because of various tiered lockdown measures as new hospitality curfews and restrictions on social interaction were introduced due to pandemic. At the same time, beverages and food also fell sharply where the producers are experiencing a drop in orders from pubs and restaurants.

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