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Wuhan: rehabilitated into Lockdown Free City

8 April, 2020

Wuhan, the origin point for the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is free from lockdown now. As a sign normal life, a train departed on Wednesday morning by carrying many passengers who were looking quite relax after 11 weeks of lockdown and being free from terrible situation by this virus. Now it is supposed to be normal soon as many people are started to travel out of the sprawling central Chinese city.

In fact, Wuhan’s unprecedented lockdown served as a model for countries battling the coronavirus around the world at present. Now restrictions are lifted, Hubei’s provincial capital embarks on another experimentation: resuming business and normal life while seeking to keep the number of new cases down.As of just after midnight Wednesday, the city’s 11 million residents are now allowed to leave without special authorization.

Prevention measures e.g. wearing masks, regular temperature check-up and limiting access to residential communities will remain in place in Wuhan, which is the capital of Hubei.Residents of other parts of Hubei were allowed to leave the province starting about three weeks ago, as long as they could provide a clean bill of health.Restrictions in the city where most of China’s more than 82,000 virus cases and over 3,300 deaths were reported have been gradually relaxed in recent weeks as the number of new cases gradually declined. The latest government figures reported Tuesday listed no new cases. This is an example what china really is. If virus will be in control even in normal traveling period than it will go everything normal like, normal industries, business and tourism in China.

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